Glass Blowing

Glass blowing is an intricate, but beautiful method in which crafters carefully heat and shape glass into specific shapes and uses. This same art can be applied to things such as smoking pipes and bongs. There are a few different materials and methods in which highly crafted glass blowers can make bongs and other accessories used for smoking. There are a few benefits that are associated with bongs being made by the process of glass blowing.

The importance of glass blowing and bongs

One of the many reasons that glass glowing plays a huge part in the creation of things such as bongs are the fact that users can smoke without the bong getting hot. Others prefer glass blown bongs because of the neat designs that come with them. Some will change colors or have designs appear when the smoke touches the bong.

glassbong Many smokers prefer smoking from a glass blown bong because of the quality they can get. The best quality online bong shop is The glass is used to create the bong since it cools down the water and acts as a filtration system. Some glass blown bongs are created with a type of built in ice holder. This allows the smoker to add ice to the bong and further cool it off in a much easier way. The type of glass used also will depend on how the user operates the bong. Depending on the type of a bong and the material it is made of a customer can be expected to pay a higher or lower price.

What is the difference between glass bongs and pipes of today from the past?

Much has changed in the world of glass blowing and more so when it comes to the creation of bongs and pipes. Years ago, glass blowing was extremely expensive and only those that were wealthy even could afford such things. Materials were all naturally made and it was quite an expensive and time consuming process. Today the process has considerably changed with the process and techniques that are used. However, a lot of the processes that were used in the past have in some ways still been used in certain bong creations of today.


The popularity has grown so much in fact that many states have begun to host expos in honor of those who enjoy smoking from glass bongs. While this is a great thing for the marketplace and sales in glass blown bongs, it’s also a great thing for those who enjoy smoking from them. As the demand continues to rise in sales, glass blowers are forced to in turn become more creative and come up with new techniques in which to make and sell glass bongs.

With all the new techniques and methods of smoking from a glass bong, it can be overwhelming for those who may be new to smoking from glass bongs. For this reason, many companies that sell glass bongs and allow you to purchase them from their website will provide how-to guides to better aid those new to the process. There are different methods that come with cooling the water, using the bong itself and much more. It can be confusing and make it harder for a person to know which bong might be the best use to them.