Choose Your Glass Blown Bong

How do I know which glass blown bong is right for me?


With all the choices, out there it’s hard to know where you should start, and which glass blown bong you might get the most use out of. While it’s agreed that glass bongs are more enjoyable over your standard type, what might work for one person may not apply to the next. If you think you’ll be in the market to purchase a new glass blown bong for the first time, there are a few ways you can go about it. The first of course is asking a friend or family member who may have experience in the use of glass bongs. They can likely tell you of what experiences they’ve had which types and what might help you in your selection process. Another way you can find the right glass bong for you is by asking a customer service representative that sells them. No matter if you’re purchasing one from in a store, or buying one online there should be a place that allows you to talk to someone and ask any questions you might have.

By either speaking to a person directly, calling a number provided on the website you’ll be purchasing the bong from or filling out a form, you can learn more. Typically, those who are in the art of selling glass bongs, typically know a good bit about the product. Of course, for anyone who takes the time and performs a simple Google search can also learn more about the types of glass bongs out there, how each work and what a good starting place might be. Any beginner is likely going to want to start with a simple glass bong that doesn’t require anything special to use it and is one of the more simplistic models. These are also usually the types of glass bongs that are cheaper to purchase in comparison to many other models and types out there. Some stores that you’re able to visit in person or smoke shops, expo’s and more can offer a more hands-on demonstration to better show how to properly operate a glass bong.